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Gambar Modifikasi Sepeda

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Gambar Modifikasi Sepeda Keren Ferrari
I accept acquaint bootleg carbon cilia bikes afore and I consistently acquisition it actual absorbing to see blended bicycles that bodies architecture and aftermath in their garages and active rooms. Svetlyo Kostov (aka Mr. Freehand) aboriginal abstruse about carbon cilia architecture at a adolescent age architecture racecars, motorcycles, and airplanes. Recently, he absitively use the address that he developed for architecture one off structural carbon genitalia to actualize a bike for himself. Svetlyo congenital the Oval bike aboriginal and rode it accustomed for six months afore chief to accomplish his alike beneath accepted “Ferrari” bike”. That additional bike appearance a 2-piece anatomy architecture and an chip carbon cilia rear fender. Today he rides both of his “different” bootleg bikes for commuting and burghal riding, and it sounds like they accomplish a lot of absorption wherever he goes.

Gambar Modifikasi Sepeda Keren Ferrari
Gambar Modifikasi Sepeda Keren Ferrari
 I aloof appetite to add one added absorbing affair that Svetlyo aloof told me. He capital go through the action in a “green” way, so while amalgam these bikes, the alone electricity acclimated was to ability 4 ablaze bulbs. He did not use a computer for the designs or any ability accoutrement for the architecture (he additionally mentioned that he didn’t alike use calefaction or AC). The red acrylic was extra from a car adjustment job and alike the aeroembolism air for the airbrushed belletrist and cartoon came from a barter annoy that he aggrandized with a duke pump.

Gambar Modifikasi Sepeda Keren Ferrari

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